How to Coviddle

The Coviddle Time Zone is PDT (GMT-7)

The 204 Lounge

The 204 Lounge at Coviddle Tunes is a Zoom meeting room that functions in much the same way as the Fort Worden 204 Lounge, and also serve as the main meeting room for large events. 

Read our Lounge orientation page for a more enjoyable and smoother Coviddle experience


Most Coviddle events are on Zoom. While it’s quite possible to participate on a phone, tablet, or browser, a more complete experience can be had using the Zoom app on a laptop or desktop computer. Zoom’s free version accounts are fine for just viewing workshops etc, and allow for up to 40 minutes of meeting time for people wanting to host.

Please visit our dedicated Zoom page, where there is lots of useful information about using this technology at Coviddle Tunes.


Simultaneous jamming is currently impossible online, barring a change in the laws of physics. Fortunately, Zoom “jams” are possible and have been going on all over the world since the quarantine began. Everyone except the leader of a tune is muted and can play along; tune leading can be by just one musician, or passed around the group.

The Hat Party!

Coviddle Tunes features several hosted special events. The biggest one will be on Wednesday, the Hat Party.

Read about how to attend the Hat Party.

Parties and Socials

Everyone is encouraged to create their own social events on whatever platform they choose.

Visit our “Make Your Own  Party/Jam” page for more information.

Hotline Contacts

WB Reid call or text 206-501-7987
Charmaine Slaven call or text 206-335-4274

Check back to this page which will be updated with more details