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Ben HunterBlack Music. Full Stop.Watch on YouTube
Joe Seamons“Exploitation & Disrespect in American Dance Music: A Community Discussion”Watch archived video

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Jerron PaxtonPerformance with commentary

Watch archived video

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Weekend Workshops (alphabetical by last name)

WhoInstrumentDescriptionLinkOriginal Workshop DayOriginal Workshop Time
Paul Anastasio & Tina PillioneFiddleMexican Music Workshop: In the quarter century since Mexican violinist Juan Reynoso first came to Fiddle Tunes, I’ve been nuts about the music he played. I’ve issued CDs, started a website (hotlandsmusic.org), posted over 400 YouTube videos and written Finale transcriptions for close to a thousand pieces that I learned from Juan and his fellow violinists.

Now, with the help of my guitarist friend Tina Pilione, we’ll be presenting a live Zoom repertoire workshop on Saturday, June 27th, starting at 10:00 AM Pacific Tine.

She and I will play several pieces from Mexico’s Tierra Caliente del Balsas. We will send out pdf and Finale transcriptions as well as links to related YouTube videos so that both ear players and note readers can learn them. Please join us for a fun repertoire session featuring the remarkable music of the Hot Lands.

Links to documents for this class: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uitn1lulnbm033i/AACIxs5D7CxB5p48dE1Vy5-la?dl=0 & https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gv79ye2323s9boh/AAAAH6NYtJXYSQXCxUeV2kd0a?dl=0
Saturday, June 2710:00a – 11:00a
Joyce & Emma BeatonFiddle or CelloLearn a Scottish tune, suitable for Beginner/Intermediate Fiddle or CelloSaturday, June 2712:30p – 1:30p
Sarah ComerFiddle101 Possums: How to Add Variations Without Going Mad
We’ll start by learning a simple version of The Opossum’s Tail is Bare and then break down how to add bow shuffles, double stops, and melodic variations to make it more fiddley, and little bit different every time you play it! Recordings and sheet music will be available for download after the workshop.
Watch archived video

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Saturday, June 2711:15p – 12:15p
Joseph DecosimoFiddleTennessee Tune(s)
We’ll explore a rare and beautiful tune or two from a not-so-well-knownTennessee fiddler or two. We’ll work on capturing the feel of the player(s) and learn a bit about the background. I’ll provide video clips of the piece(s) we explore.
Watch archived video
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A link to a New Nashville tutorial on YouTube
Saturday, June 2710:00a – 11:00a
Sophie EnloeFiddleTunes from Gribble, Lusk, and York: In this workshop we will learn one or two tunes from Gribble, Lusk, and York, a Black old time stringband from Warren County, Tennessee, whose recordings from the 1940s feature some of the liveliest yet most haunting playing I’ve heard. These recordings have had a major impact on modern old time music in terms of both sound and repertoire. We’ll talk a little bit about the history of these musicians for those who aren’t familiar with them, and we’ll also use the tunes we learn as a vehicle to discuss techniques like bowing, phrasing, and tune interpretation.Archived Zoom video and chatsSunday, June 2812:00p – 1:00p
Jerry GallaherBanjoAn Exploration of some Banjo Tunings: One of the real joys of playing the banjo in these isolated times is messing around with different tunings. Sometimes a familiar tune in a different tuning will give it new life. Some tunes just cry for twisting the knobs so it will come out right. And sometimes when you find yourself in a less familiar tuning new tunes will bubble forth.Watch archived video

Tunings that Jerry used
Sunday, June 282:30p – 3:30p
Brandon GodmanInstrument and Bow CareQuestion Answer Session about instrument/bow care and maintenance with some tunes to start and end the session. Bring you instruments and questions.Watch archived video

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Sunday, June 284:00p – 5:00p
Jefferson HamerGuitarFlat-Picking Old-Time tunes on acoustic guitar: Play through some common old-time tunes on the guitar and learn about right hand pick technique, left hand positioning, double stops, and mixing chords and leads to get a full, ringing sound. This will be a 40 minute long workshop.Watch archived videoSunday, June 282:30p – 3:30p
Gordon HinnersBanjoFretless BanjoWatch archived video

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Saturday, June 2712:30p – 1:30p
Sam JasperFiddlePrerecorded – watch at your leisure. Learn Three Fiddle Tunes – Wild Mountain Thyme, Bump in the Night, & Hornet’s JigWatch on YouTubeSaturday, June 274:00p – 5:00p
Craig JudelmanFiddleKlezmer Fiddling in Style: In this workshop we’ll take a slower tune and learn a bit about using Yiddish ideas of phrasing and ornaments to get the most out of the tune. Meant for intermediate to advanced players though all are welcome, we’ll really spend some time to find different ways of phrasing that make this music cry and sing. I’ll teach a tune that I think is pretty accessible but ability to play some of those funny notes like Eb and Ab would be helpful. [I’m thinking about this tune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Puf5fMB01t8] I’ll try and provide a pdf of the ‘notes’ for those who want it, though we’ll be focusing more on how to play the notes rather than what they are… For even more accessible klezmer tunes for old time fiddlers see my ‘wildcard’ workshopSaturday, June 2710:00a – 11:00a
Craig JudelmanFiddleOld Time Klezmer Tunes: Ever wonder why klezmer tunes seem so darn difficult? ‘Klezmer’ as we know it, is not really folk music but the professional music of unionized Eastern European Jewish wedding bands. However there was plenty of what we would call ‘folk music’ played in those parts and the Jews had their tunes and shared tunes with neighboring cultures just like everyone else. In this workshop suitable for all levels, (though extreme beginners may have to leave out a few notes!) I’ll share some of my favorite tunes of this more ‘old-timey’ Yiddish music, a lot of which evolved around the same time as many old time tunes, and I think could be great additions to a session or band repertoire. If there’s time/interest I’ll try and throw in a quick demonstration of some basic seconding/sekund/accompaniment techniques used in Yiddish fiddling that can work great with old time music, or perhaps delve into a bit of Polish-Yiddish inter-cultural repertoire.Saturday, June 2711:15p – 12:15p
Daniel LappFiddleBritish Columbia Fiddle Tunes, Stories and HistorySaturday, June 2712:30p – 1:30p
Josh LariosIntro to Online Jamming with JamKazamWhile Zoom and YouTube jams can be fun to play along to, you might be missing the interaction of playing with people who can also hear what you’re playing as they play. With a good internet connection and equipment you might already have, this is actually possible! This workshop will be a brief overview of what’s possible online today, what to expect, what equipment you’ll need for sure and what you might just want to have, and how to get started. There will be a short pre-recorded demonstration at the end, but we won’t be jamming together in this workshop. Workshop materials and resource links can be found at https://slowerthandirt.org/jamkazam-workshop/Watch archived videoSaturday, June 2711:15p – 12:15p
Maggie LindBanjoSolo Banjo Quarantunes: I’ve been enjoying playing in alternate banjo tunings during quarantine. Might as well learn some good ones to play on our own since we can’t play together! We will start with Boat’s Up the River, Olla Belle Reed’s beautiful version of an African American work song from the river packet days. The banjo is in open D or “graveyard” tuning f#DF#AD. Please arrive in this tuning if possible. We might get to a Ruben in this tuning or try out the Last Chance or “Old G” tuning gEGDE. Let’s see who shows up and we can take a vote for the direction of the workshop.Archived Zoom video and chats

More about tunings
Sunday, June 284:00p – 5:00p
Gabrielle MacraeFiddleGabrielle will teach a Marcus Martin tune or two with tips on bowing and technique. Intermediate level.Archived Zoom video and chatsSaturday, June 2712:30p – 1:30p
Harvey NiebulskiKlezmerWe’ll play several familiar klezmer tunes (and we’ll make pdfs available as well.) As time (and interest) allows, we’ll also teach and include some easy to learn Yiddish lyrics.Watch archived video password = 4A.4%zNt

PDFs of Klezmer tunes
Sunday, June 281:15p – 2:15p
Bobbi NiklesFiddleGems from the Fiddle Vault of Alabama Fiddler, James Bryan. Learn a few and hear a few more. Aimed at intermediate to advanced fiddlers.Archived video

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Sunday, June 282:30p – 3:30p
The OnliesFiddle, guitar, banjoTunes for TeensWatch archived video

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Sunday, June 284:00p – 5:00p
Lisa OrnsteinFiddleKitchen Tunes from the Gaspé Peninsula: Learn a couple of great step dancing tunes from the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec, where Québécois and Acadian cultural influences blend into lively, fun-to-play, easy-to-learn dance music. For intermediate to advanced players. All melody instruments welcome. Tunes will be in the keys of D and G major.Watch Archived video

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Saturday, June 274:00p – 5:00p
Truman PriceFiddle and songMusic from the Oregon Trail
Songs with fiddle, with connections to the trail; some familiar, some less so; including the tune that “young Simeon Smith fiddled from one end of the trail t’other” in 1845. Two deal with race. All from that era except Truman’s about Letitia Carson, the former slave who with her Scots-Irish husband settled in 1845 12 miles south of Truman’s house.
Sunday, June 284:00p – 5:00p
Art RosenbaumBanjoBanjo tunes, tunings, and tips, a sit-down with Art Rosenbaum. Art has played banjo since he was a teenager in the 50s, He got started with Pete Seeger’s “How to Play the Five-String Banjo,” and went on to learn from many “source” players. His book “Old-Time Mountain Banjo” (1968) was the first of his four instruction books and was the first such book in the banjo revival after Seeger’s; it focused totally on traditional picking styles, two-and three-finger and up-picking styles as well as “clawhammer,” and presented many traditional tunings. He will range through some of this in his workshop which he hopes it will offer something to both new and experienced pickers.Watch YouTube videoSaturday, June 2710:00a – 11:00a
Kristin SmithFiddleThe Fiddler at Ease, getting comfortable with the instrument. I want to share some tricks to help you become more comfortable with the instrument and maybe even solve some technical difficulties. What is frustrating you about your playing?Watch the 2nd half of the workshop in an archived videoSunday, June 281:15p – 2:15p
AJ Srubas & Rina RossiJamMidwestern Jam w. Aj & Rina – Playing tunes from Missouri & Illinois. Tunes:
Dark Haired Girl- G
Adrain’s Hornpipe- G
Mississippi Palisades- G
Cora Dye-G
Hooker’s Hornpipe-G
John Dye-D
Rolling River- D
Joe Wingeter’s-D
Missouri Mud- D
Watch archived videoSaturday, June 2710:00a – 11:00a
Daniel SteinbergCommunity ChorusInstant Harmony Chorus African Songs and Spirituals with Daniel Steinberg teaching multi-part songs from Kenya and Zimbabwe. Singers of all ages and abilities welcome!Saturday, June 2711:15p – 12:15p
Daniel SteinbergCommunity ChorusInstant Harmony Chorus Songs of Social Justice with Daniel Steinberg teaching songs from around the world including a gospel arrangement of Billy Taylor’s Civil Rights anthem “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free” and the Basque song “Hegoak (Txoria Txori)”. Singers of all ages and abilities welcome!Sunday, June 284:00p – 5:00p
Melissa TakushCommunity OrganizersMusic and Dance Community Organizing in the age of COVID!
Worried your local music and dance community is drifting apart now that we can’t be together? Wondering how to support local musicians? Or, how to revive our dance communities once restrictions ease up. A panel discussion with folks who have been finding creative solutions to our inability to “all join hands and circle to the left”! and sharing some of their successes (and failures!) that can be adapted in other communities. Followed by short Q & A and discussion
Watch the archived video

View additional resources
Saturday, June 2711:15p – 12:15p
Suzy ThompsonFiddleLearn a Fiddle Rag: I’ll teach an old-time fiddle rag, the Ozark Rag from the East Texas Serenaders or maybe Arthur Smith’s Peacock Rag. We’ll be in standard tuning. Mandolins and other instruments are welcome.Saturday, June 2712:30p – 1:30p
Eric ThompsonGuitarI’ll teach my flatpicked guitar arrangement of Garry Harrison’s fabulous fiddle tune “The Bone Yard”, in the key of C.Sunday, June 282:30p – 3:30p
Ben TownsendBanjoBanjo Licks & Tricks: Expanding on banjo ideas by adding new foundational elements I guess would be the idea. Talking ways to spice up tunes you already play by adding new spicy licks.Watch archived video

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Sunday, June 2812:00p – 1:00p
Sue TrumanCrankie WorkshopSue Truman first saw the crankies of Anna and Elizabeth in 2011 and it has been her passion ever since. Sue’s website, TheCrankieFactory.com is the “go to” place for all things crankie. She has taught and performed on both US coasts, Canada and Europe. What is a crankie? Come to the wildcard workshop/performance to find out! Hope to see you there!Watch archived video

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Sunday, June 281:15p – 2:15p
Cathie WhitesidesFiddleIrish fiddle tunes from the repertoires of Joe Cooley and Kevin Keegan, by Cathie WhitesidesSunday, June 284:00p – 5:00p

Quarantine Happy Hour Concerts

The Galax BogtrottersArchived videoFriday, June 266:30p – 7:00p
Bayou SecoArchived videoFriday, June 267:00p – 7:30p
Bruce MolskyArchived videoSaturday, June 275:30p – 6:30p
Gina ForsythArchived videoSunday, June 285:30p – 6:00p
David DoucetArchived videoSunday, June 286:00p – 6:30p
Mark Graham and
Jerry Gallaher
Archived videoMonday, June 295:30p – 6:30p
Paul Rangell &
Emily Abbink
Archived videoTuesday, June 305:30p – 6:00p
Stash WyslouchArchived videoTuesday, June 306:00p – 6:30p
Mirando al Lago
Pedro Dimas and Family
Archived videoWednesday, July 15:30p – 6:30p
El Fin del MundoArchived videoThursday, July 25:30p – 6:00p
Irene Herrmann &
Kaethe Hostetter
Archived videoThursday, July 26:00p – 6:30p

Other on demand Videos and Resources

Nellie Jo DavidNellie Jo David on the impact the militarization of the border has on the lives of the Tohono O’odom peopleLink
Coviddle Tunes Online Vigil for Elijah McClainWatch video of our Zoom vigil on YouTube
Dave MountGrub Springs Geek-Out Workshop
A mini-workshop on W.E. Claunch’s 1939 recording of “”Grub Springs.”” I play the tune, talk about its tuning (ADAE!), style, and bowing; break down a slowed-version of the original; show the fingering; and then finally play the entire slowed-down original recording, so you can geek out on it too! ” Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube
Joel Savoy and Gina ForsythUsing a tune from the late Cajun fiddler Wade Frugé, we’ll learn a melody in two different octaves in the same key. This will give us an opportunity to not only learn a new tune and another kind of old-timey Cajun backup fiddling (playing a low melody in unison with a high melody), but it will provide us with a good exercise to study arpeggio ”shapes,” chords, relationships of the strings to eachother, and how it all connects. We’ll be in standard violin tuning.Watch archived video
Tohono SessionWatch archived video